Schink is a Bloemfontein based company delviering many creative products to local and worldwide clients daily. Schink was founded in 2010, by Martin Schwella, and has since grown wildly popular with a continuelly growing creative products.
Schink offers different services and products ranging from Art Comissions, Caricatures, Photography and Childrensbooks!

Schink strives to bring out the best and unique art concepts to our clients. The essence of what makes you, you, is what we want to showcase! We’re always expanding our techniques to creating art and improving our product range and client experience.

Art should be used to express passion and enrich the lives of others. We create because of the Creator. This is why Schink Art always sticks to its core vision to CREATE, INNOVATE and INSPIRE.

There is a saying: “Inspiration can come from anywhere!”
We hope to be the “anywhere” for others.

Enjoy our site and we look forward to capture your story soon!

Schink Company Brands

“Create, Innovate & Inspire.”