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Let’s go on a journey!

Hi Guys!

Thank you for coming over to read my post. My name is Martin Schwella, you might not know me, but I am the artist and owner of all the Schink Brands.

That sounds a little fancy….let’s try again.

My name is Martin…I have a dream to create stories with art using any creative medium there is and hopefully, change lives and inspire….

I recently wrote a children book called A True Winner. A book which I Self-Published and decided to start my very own publishing company, Schink Publishing, because of it.


Okay, that was a lot of background, I apologize, but let’s get on with it….

I would like to invite you all on a special journey, and a challenge to myself, of creating the next book.

I will post regular updates as the process is unfolding and I will even post some videos on this blog as well.

Please do come along!

The project…

The project I will be featuring in this “Book Journey” will be the follow-up story of A True Winner called A True Winner: The Secret to Winning. Sounds exciting, right?

Come along and find out.


Where are we now?

Like every journey, it needs to begin somewhere. That’s exactly where we are going to start.

The first part is done and dusted. I’ve written the story a few months ago when the first book was released. I started exploring where the story could go and what could happen next to the characters in the book. Weeks went by where I just explored possibilities and possible avenues for the plot line and character development. Which lead me to…

The Concept stage…

During the concept stage, I started to play with pencil drawings of existing characters and new characters. I explored their physical appearance and their character traits and the way the emote.

I also did a few scenario drawings to explore the way they would behave and how they would react. After lots and lots of these. It was finally time for the daunting and entertaining …

An example of the concept stage

Storyboarding Stage

The storyboarding part is easy but can become tricky.

First of all, I never write first, I start with a very basic storyboard and then develop the text. I realize this is not an industry standard method, but certainly, it’s one that works for my current process.

“I realize this is not an industry standard method, but certainly it’s one that works for my current process.”

When storyboarding, it is important to remember, the exact page count of the book that will consist of story. Make sure you can visually communicate the story in the given amount of pages as there are budget allocations and printing requirements to be met.

When I was storyboarding in the current project, I realized that so many changes to the story happen during storyboarding because you can now visually see what’s happening in the story. Don’t try to do things perfect from the beginning, just start and adapt as you go, things will fall in to place, but you have to start.


“Don’t try to do things perfect from the beginning, just start and adapt as you go, things will fall in to place, but you have to start.”

When I storyboard I ussually listen to inspriring music, mostly instrumental tracks, that set the mood for the story I am creating.

The storyboard is the skeleton to the rest of the production process and it’s very important to conclude. Changes hereafter come with a little more effort, but remember you can still change as you go.

People connect to stories when they can relate to the characters emotion and situation. Stories inspire people when people find themselves in similar situations. With that being said, I try to express as much emotion as I can in every page of my books. Emotion is something everyone understands and that’s why it connects people.

Storyboarding example. Please note the writing is in Afrikaans.


Thanks again for reading this post, I do hope it adds value to your own book journey!

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Thank you for buying my first book A True Winner. My family and I do appreciate it a lot as you are enabling us to make a living and for me to create more stories!

Until next time…

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